The End of Time (Grail Wars #4)

The End of Time (Grail Wars #4)


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Having unraveled the first two riddles of the templar medallion, Alaric finds himself in the middle of an intense political and occult conflict between the Gaian League, fighting for global justice, and sinister forces of cosmic evil.

Forced to choose between truth and love, Alaric realizes that due to his role in events on Atlantis, he now has the key to undo the evil that holds mankind in an iron grip. In a gambit that will either shake the pillars of reality, or cost his soul, Alaric risks all in a confrontation with the ancient shadows. When a lone terrorist on live TV suddenly threatens Jerusalem with nuclear destruction, unless the truth about mankinds most painful wound is brought forth, the threads of ancient evil reaches a surprising cusp at the End of Time.

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1 review for The End of Time (Grail Wars #4)

  1. Leander Edmunds

    Grail Wars is powerful, grand, magnificent, ambitious, original, and way ahead, theologically, metaphysically, and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

    It is wonderful and rare that the final denouement is reached not through the tired and typical violent confrontation but rather through self-confrontation and forgiveness, with all the power and possibilities that such change releases.

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Reader feedback:

“Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that left me with a beaming smile on my lips.”

“Although, the story is fiction it feels disturbingly true! Reading Grail Wars changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.”

“Grail Wars is powerful, grand, and original, and way ahead, theologically and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.”

“Reading Grail Wars is like attending a potent classical concerto — Bolero in writing — enjoying every tune and waiting eagerly for the crowning finale!”

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