The Grail Quest (Grail Wars #3)

The Grail Quest (Grail Wars #3)


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“Follow the sign of Michael to the Grail in the Heart of the Mountain” says the second riddle of the Templar medallion.

Being unable to solve the mystery, Joy decides to share the original story of the grail with Alaric, revealing how the secret of the grail seems related to the splitting of the atom and the very nature of reality.

Alaric’s growing enchantment with his traveling companion, draws him to her home – the pioneering community “Avalon.” To unravel the mystery of the grail, Alaric realizes that he must confront the darkest corners of his soul and face the shadow of his father that he has avoided all his life. As he embarks on an amazing journey of selfdiscovery and forgiveness, he gradually realizes that nothing is what it seems…

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1 review for The Grail Quest (Grail Wars #3)

  1. Charlotte Skov

    Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving, enlightening, exciting and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that answers all life’s great questions.

    It reveals all aspects of the human mind from the ugliest to the most beautiful. It is all embracing, unique and impossible to place in a particular literary genre. It opens the path to forgiveness, of one self and others and raises a hope for the future of humankind.

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Reader feedback:

“Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that left me with a beaming smile on my lips.”

“Although, the story is fiction it feels disturbingly true! Reading Grail Wars changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.”

“Grail Wars is powerful, grand, and original, and way ahead, theologically and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.”

“Reading Grail Wars is like attending a potent classical concerto — Bolero in writing — enjoying every tune and waiting eagerly for the crowning finale!”


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