Aon Solarra (formerly Rolf Jackson) is an author, educator and spiritual activist working in numerous fields, including leadership development, community building and spiritual politics.

Coming from a scientific background as an engineer specialized in theoretical physics (M.Sc.E.), Rolf has conducted extensive research into the history of early Christianity, contemporary philosophy, the foundations of modern science, psychology, monetary systems, political philosophy, esotericism and occultism. He has researched these topics in order to build a bridge between the symbolic and allegorical truth of the timeless wisdom and the undeniable facts of modern science. As a true synthesis between these domains gradually emerged, entirely new vistas of human possibilities have arisen.

Having grown up in an environment oriented towards community lifestyles and spiritual exploration, Rolf took an interest in the occult in early childhood. Since then his personal experience of the inner worlds, and understanding of the interaction between the hidden realms of causes and the visible realms of effects, has gradually deepened.

In his fictional writing he generally move between an outer realistic world and an inner world of causes. The relation between these two worlds forms a creative tension that has been the driving force in his work.

Aon Solarra is a storyhealer, possibilitator, author and intellectual pioneer working from his home in the Avalon Center ( in Denmark.

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