The reality question of quantum mechanics is explored. It is shown that the key problem in existing interpretations is the joint assumption of the presence of an observer and chance as part of the theory. This creates a fundamental dichotomy because the ideas they represent are inherently contradictory.

In addition to this it is shown that the notion of free Will and an objectively real reality are mutually exclusive. A meaningful and unambiguous interpretation of quantum mechanics is offered based on the idea that free Will is real and that quantum events are governed not by chance but by choice. The implications of free Will is explored providing an explanation of the origin of consciousness, showing that nothing can happen that has not been Willed.

Furthermore it is suggested that the universe was created as a symbolic language to serve creative Wills as a means of communication in order to discover and eliminate fallacious beliefs from their mind and in this way evolve and discover the truth of that which IS.


Quantum mechanics (QM) is characterized by a universal agreement concerning the veracity of its predictions and an almost just as universal disagreement concerning the meaning of the theory. In this article I intend to show, how all the ambiguities can be resolved and provide an, unambiguous and inherently meaningful explanation of the nature of reality.

Analysis will show that if objective reality is REAL* in an absolute sense, then the implications of QM is that there cannot be any free Will. This violates our immediate experience and must therefore be considered meaningless.

It seem that the paradoxes that have plagued QM since its inception can be resolved by replacing the assumption that objective reality is REAL with the assumption that free Will is REAL. This however leads to the conclusion that there is no objective reality. It will furthermore be argued that this is in fact the only meaningful interpretation of quantum mechanics since all other interpretation are in one way or another ambiguous or outright meaningless when considering the ideas involved.

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Open PDF document:  The Causal Nature Of Free Will and its Implications for the Origin of Consciousness and the Laws of Nature

Written by : Aon Solarra

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