What lies beyond the shadows? What would happen if we as a race truly began recognizing the shadow dynamics ruling us and received the wisdom they represent – individually and collectively?

Facing the Deep Shadows

Shadows consist of the unacknowledged content in our mind that invariably ends up biting us is in the ass. If we deny parts of ourselves, then these parts will increasingly make noise in our subconscious minds, until we heed them and accommodate these fragmented parts of ourselves.

Shadows are obviously powerful in the individual psyche. But how do they impact the world around us? To gain a better understanding of how the shadows unfold we need to distinguish between personal shadows, cultural shadows and planetary shadows.

The first category is fairly widely understood and although they can be tenacious, violent and deceptive in nature, they generally constitute a challenge that can be dealt with through therapy and similar means.

Cultural shadows are harder to deal with. They manifest through cultural norms and “self-evident truths”, institutionalized violence and similar mechanisms. Speaking out against these behaviors will awaken a wide swath of collective psychological defense mechanisms combined with massive denial and crazy-making that grinds all but the most tenacious into the ground (if they are not literally put into prison or a mental institution). But these dynamics are increasingly acknowledged as part of the cultural discourse.

Planetary shadows are orders of magnitudes more difficult still. Planetary shadows are related to the spiritual history of the planet and the evolution of consciousness itself. Whereas cultural shadows are related to culture and human “inventions”, the planetary shadows can be considered the misalignment in the collective spiritual field, that makes it possible for self-serving  groups and individuals to manifest cultural norms and behaviors that we know in our spiritual hearts as abominations.

The greatest difficulty in relation to the planetary shadows are that they are NOT acknowledged as a force in society and hence remain unchallenged. Do we have any university with a department of planetary psychology and shadow dynamics or something of that order? No. Nothing like that exists anywhere. And because of this, these shadows are effectively like an unchecked viral infection of mankind.

To me Sacred Masculinity is very much related to the uplifting and unfoldment of civilization, and the growth of consciousness that result from this. Hence addressing the issue of our (more or less complete) blindness in relation to these dynamics and their devastating effects on society, is for me a sacred mission. To deal with this we obviously need women and their wisdom very much. My point is just that as a man, this mission is closely tied to what I personally perceive to be at the heart of the cosmic masculine.

Written by : Aon Solarra

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