A mathematical model unifying MIND and matter is developed. Based on the notion that the universe consists of light only, it is shown how the stochastic nature of quantum mechanics can be explained by the constant speed of light combined with the underlying dynamics of consciousness. The conclusion is that the universe is made of light moving either in linear patterns (creating space) or in curved patterns (creating matter). The model gives a new insight into the cause of consciousness, based on mathematical concepts, suggesting possible new avenues of consciousness research. Finally it offers a foundation for unifying relativity and quantum mechanics at a conceptual level.


While relativistic quantum mechanics is fairly well understood in terms of practical application, unifying relativity and quantum mechanics at a conceptual level has proven more difficult. In [Buchholz et al., 2000] Paul Dirac, the pioneer of relativistic quantum mechanics, is quoted as saying that:

There is no acceptable physical theory but only an ugly set of rules

The issue is of course the absence of a single principle that unifies the concepts of the theories and illuminates the underlying idea. It is my suggestion that this unifying principle is MIND* itself. By MIND is meant a universal and transcendental MIND that transcends and includes all of existence. According to physicist Nick Herbert [Herbert, 85, p249]:

Science´s biggest mystery is the nature of consciousness. It is not that we possess bad or imperfect theories of human awareness; we simply have no such theories at all

The problem may have been that while science has tried to explain reality (and consciousness) based on mathematical models, what we may need to do, is to
explain the presence of a mathematical order in the universe based on concepts of MIND. In effect this idea is simply an extension of Einstein’s assertion that:

Time and space are modes by which we think, and not conduits in which we live

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Open PDF document: Modeling Objective Reality as Content in a Universal MIND

Written by : Aon Solarra

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