It is midnight and I have been exploring the perspectives presented by conspiracy theorists and the long game played by the global elite. Should we be scared? I felt it called for a response that is neither a rejection nor an endorsement.

Facing the Global Elite

Is the global elite on their way to engineering a “Hunger Games” society. Has the virus come from a laboratory? Are the mainstream politicians and media just useful idiots for the Illuminati and their cronies?

And more importantly: are the conspiracy theorists on to something, or are they crazies who should just get a life?

I must admit that these conspiracy theorists are pointing to some facts that are disturbing. Suspicious happenings that could be coincidences, but then again perhaps not. But I also think there is a greater picture that is being completely overlooked.

there is a greater picture that is being completely overlooked.

For those not familiar with the key claims made by those suspicious of the official narrative, it is along these lines: The global elite wants to enrich themselves and control everyone else. To this end they want to vaccinate everyone (with a hidden agenda of reducing the population). They want to remove all cash from circulation and ruin small businesses to consolidate economical power. Specifically in this corona pandemic we should be more worried about the impact to the economy than about the health issues. The threat is blown out of proportions and it is a means to en end.

The bottom line: The elitist agenda is undemocratic, tyrannical and unconscionable.

Eating the Red Pill

For starters I believe that it is all but certain, that there is a highly cynical agenda/conspiracy among the very wealthy to increase their power, enrich themselves and expand their control at the expense of everyone else.

However, there is hardly anything new in that. It has been like that since the dawn of time, and the pendulum have swung back and forth between freedom and tyranny again and again. Moreover: revolutionaries that fight for freedom unfortunately often ending up as even worse tyrants than the ones they topple.

They are so certain everyone else is trying to fool them, that they are blind to how they fool themselves.

And the last bit of dark humor points to something very, very important: The innate tendency in humans to fool ourselves. And this is my main beef with the conspiracy movement: They are so certain everyone else is trying to fool them, that they are blind to how they fool themselves.

The point is not that they do not have valid points, they do. The point is not that there is not a conspiracy, there is. The point is that in giving into a largely paranoid image of what is going on, the conspiracy people are guilty of almost exactly what they accuse everyone else of: being blind to the deeper truth.

Being blind to the truth is something we are ALL guilty of.

And that is the really crucial point: Being blind to the truth is something we are ALL guilty of. Politicians, mainstream media, conspiracy theorists and well-meaning humanitarians alike. We are all caught up in a great big illusion, and naming it is the first step towards actually freeing ourselves of the true tyranny: The tyranny of our fearful biased mind.

Leaving the Matrix of Simplistic Narratives

Everyone who is trying to gain influence in the world is promoting some kind of narrative. Liberals and conservatives, anarchist and royalists, socialists and religious traditionalists – they are all telling a version of the truth. Some are peddling narratives that are so riddled with logical faults and misconceptions that we can dismiss them as nonsense. But many narratives are actually meaningful – if you accept their basic premises and do not question it too hard. If you would LIKE to believe in these narratives, it is not very hard. This include the conspiracy narratives.

Imagine for a moment a faceted diamond in which a bright light is shining. If we consider the many basically meaningful narratives that dominate public discourse and equate each of them with a facet of this diamond, we have a useful image to contemplate the difference between the various narratives and reality.

  • Each narrative is a facet in the diamond.
  • Reality is the whole of the diamond with ALL its conflicting narratives.
  • And most importantly: The light that shines from the inside of the diamond and brings life to all the facets of the diamond is a cosmic life force that is beyond our understanding.

Reality is a living breathing essence which is full of contradictions (as any human are). Reality CANNOT be reduced to an “ism” or to any concrete ideology. Reality will always be bigger, more complex and more amazing than any specific narrative. All the various narratives are inherently limited and only true to a certain extent. YOU on the other hand, are a marvelous creature of creativity who can transcend all these narratives and experience reality directly if you will only unclog your mind of fear and desire.

Reality will always be bigger, more complex and more amazing that any specific narrative.

Some people have tried to come to terms with the cosmic dimension of life by creating religions. Others have created science. Others yet insist that only through anarchy will we know ourselves. All of these people have been trying to fathom the unfathomable, and have perhaps prematurely, reached a conclusion about the greater meaning of life, that have led them to try to impose their view on others.

Don’t do that.

Let’s acknowledge the existence of the ineffable truth. Let’s celebrate the possibility that something entirely beyond our ken actually exists. Let’s contemplate the possibility that our great myths and creation stories points towards something intangible yet real: The realm of spirit. And let’s contemplate the possibility that it is not ONLY the dark forces of this world what conspire to achieve their aims, but ALSO the luminous selfless forces. And let’s cooperate with them.

The biggest challenge before us is not overcoming the elite and the global cabal. The greatest challenge is overcoming ourselves and our unwillingness to embrace the deeper truth about who and what we are.

Written by : Aon Solarra

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