This document can be downloaded as PDF here. All the points made below is backed by science and proof.

Note: I am not against meaningful restrictions to prevent unnecessary illness, death and medical costs. But there needs to be a sense of proportion between risk and benefit, and the cost to society in relation to other risks we are exposed to daily such as traffic, alcohol, smoking, lifestyle deceases etc. I do NOT believe that there is any justification for corona passports, required testing, vaccination of children and most of all: forced vaccinations which undoubtedly is a crime.

1.      Covid is NOT Very Dangerous for Healthy People.

The Danish Covid survival rate is 99,5% for all groups, 99,95% for people without existing comorbidities, and 99,995% for healthy people under the age of 60. In Denmark (population 6 mio.) 20 healthy people under age 60 and 3 people under age 20 has died of corona in a two year period (SSI: official Danish data, Dec 2021). For comparison the yearly death toll is: 150 from traffic, 3.000 from alcohol and 13.000 from smoking.

2.      Natural Infection Gives Better Protection

Official data shows that one year post-vaccination, the protection of the vaccine is effectively gone while protection from natural infection remains around 70%. Research also shows that the immune system in people infected with the original Sars in 2002 (a virus that is only 80% similar to Sars-cov-2) recognizes the new virus and protects against it.

3.      The Vaccines are Still Experimental.

The vaccines are still only provisionally approved under emer­gency authorizations. Moreover, the phase 3 trial conducted to evaluate vaccine efficacy and safety was botched because vaccine producers vaccinated the control group before the end of the trial. In addition the vaccine producers has demanded complete protection from all vaccine liability and in many cases has demanded that countries put up foreign assets like military bases and embassies as collateral against liability.

4.      The Vaccines Cannot be Said to be Safe

The mRNA technology used in vaccines is unproven and long term effects are unknown. Antonio Fauchi himself is on record for saying in 2019 that it will take 10 years to develop a safe mRNA vaccine. A concerning level of side effects has been reported, ranging from athletes dropping dead on screen to autoimmune disorders, myocarditis in young men and many other side effects.

5.      The Vaccines are Not Very Effective

Protection from the vaccine are around 40% after 6 months, and almost gone after a year (official SSI data). This in contrast to a 70% protection from reinfection after natural exposure to the virus. Vaccines does little to halt the spread of the virus, and with the Omicron variant it seems that vaccinated people have a HIGHER risk of becoming infected than unvaccinated people. The vaccines does seem to offer some protection against severe illness and hospitalization. For certain groups the risk/benefit ratio may be judged favorable.

6.      Indications of a High Level Conspiracy

People opposed to the current policies are being labeled conspiracy theorists. But the concerns about hidden agenda’s are not unfounded. Concerning facts are: 1) The June 2020 change in the UN definition of herd immunity. 2) The Lancet coverup letter by Peter Daszak trying to prevent investigation of Wuhan lab leak. 3) Irrefutable documentation of media manipulation in relation to other pandemics. 4) A long history of documented false flag operations, psy-ops and disinformation by covert organizations and exploitation of social and political crisis by the elite in order to enrich themselves and consolidate their power. This is fact, not theory. How exactly it relates to the covid crisis is slowly becoming clearer.

7.      The Corona Passports Sets a Dangerous Precedent

The idea that healthy asymptomatic people must prove that they are vaccinated or recently tested to participante in society is a gross violation of the fundamental freedom of movement and providing for oneself. The potential misuses of the digital corona passport are enormous and with booster shots needed every 6 months, there is no end in sight. It is quite reasonable to assume that the corona passport will become a permanent requirement with all that follows. This is totally unacceptable for a freedom loving people.

8.      Mandatory Vaccines Is a Crime

There can be little doubt that forcing ineffective experimental vaccines upon the population to protect against an illness that has a 99,995% survival rate will be considered a crime under the Nürnberg codes when the time comes. When this madness has been stopped, and the legal aftermath begins, those in government who have cooperated with imposing this horror in their peoples should realize that this legal showdown may well resemble what happed in the post-WW2 trials where the Nazi’s and their collaborators were on trial for crimes against humanity.

9.      Corona Policies are Bankrupting People

Lockdowns, restrictions and the current Covid policies are causing massive harm to society. Small businesses are going broke, people are losing their jobs and there is a massive lack of proportions between the costs and benefits of the current policies.

10.  We Should Not Fear Physical Death as Much

Fear of physical death is the main psychological driver of the pandemic of fear gripping society. But physical death is not to be feared to the degree that it is happening, because it is not the end. It is just the beginning of a new journey.

What we truly SHOULD fear is spiritual death: social control, oppression of freedom, mandatory vaccines, the bio-state, surveillance, censorship and so on.

Thus behind the crisis lies an existential conflict between:

  • a linear materialistic patriarchal mindset that is largely responsible for much of the mess humanity finds itself in.
  • a circulatory holistic cosmic mindset that recognizes that we are all part of nature and that technological quick fixes often causes more harm than good because they ignore the underlying causes.

The fear based obsession with a narrow materialistic point of view in science and politics is the underlying reason for the lake of sense and coherence in the official narrative. The people in charge of handling this pandemic are under the influence of dark and powerful mental forces that usurp their will and mental capacities. They do not understand what they are doing.

Written by : Aon Solarra

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