Grail Wars is not just a story. Writing it was like piercing the world of the shadows and being torn apart and put together as something else. It is a saga spanning 25.000 years, from Atlantis to the present and will bring you to question everything you believe in.

Praise for Grail Wars

This book changed my life…

Bolero in writing…

The book raises a hope for Humankind…

Grail Wars is powerful, grand, magnificent, ambitious & original…

I went through a spectrum of emotions I didn’t even know I had…

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Raises a Hope for Mankind

Grail Wars is incredible, mystical, moving, enlightening, exciting and multifaceted. It is an amazing and surprising journey that answers all life’s great questions.

It reveals all aspects of the human mind from the ugliest to the most beautiful. It is all embracing, unique and impossible to place in a particular literary genre. It opens the path to forgiveness, of one self and others and raises a hope for the future of humankind.

Charlotte Skov

Ahead of Star Wars

Grail Wars is powerful, grand, magnificent, ambitious, original, and way ahead, theologically, metaphysically, and psychologically, of the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

It is wonderful and rare that the final denouement is reached not through the tired and typical violent confrontation but rather through self-confrontation and forgiveness, with all the power and possibilities that such change releases.

Leander Edmunds

Bolero in Writing

As the story unfolds, I first sensed and later realized that ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ as well as other great tales, have paved the way for this … myth? … that encompasses it all: Fact, Fiction, Heaven and Hell.

Reading Grail Wars is like attending a potent and pregnant classical concerto ”Bolero in writing” enjoying every tune and waiting eagerly for the crowning finale!

Johan Tino

It Changed my Life

While reading the Grail Wars I was thrilled and enlightened. I went through a spectrum of emotions I didn’t even know I had! I followed the characters with empathy and was excited about their development through their various incarnations.

The story challenged me on many levels and brought me face to face with my own inner “dragon.” It kick-started a cathartic healing process of deep emotional wounds and helped my spiritual development tremendously.

Although, the story is fiction it feels disturbingly true! Reading Grail Wars changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.

John Lansner